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Automate any tasks you want.


Some tools:

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Artificial Intelligence

Imagine being able to ask ChatGPT to send an email on your behalf, or to get real-time updated data about your company.

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Automatic Invoices:

Imagine if your electronic invoices generated themselves. How much time would you save each month?

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WhatsApp Marketing Automation

Imagine making your WhatsApp campaigns automatic and having a platform that allows you to manage all your campaigns.

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Get your data from Teachable:

Harness the data on how your course participants use Teachable to improve your courses, carry out email marketing actions, and enhance the user experience.

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Not just Google Apps Script

From today, you can harness the full power of AWS Lambda functions and Node.js directly from Google Sheets.

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Self-writing emails:

Imagine receiving alerts and reports via email that are generated autonomously. You won't have to monitor the tools anymore; they will notify you when needed.

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Sheets 2.0:

All the actions you perform manually on Google Sheets can be automated. Starting from this premise, you just need a bit of imagination to create indispensable tools for your business.

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An Automatic Archive

With Google Drive, we can automatically generate folders and subfolders organized to store your documents without needing your intervention. This way, you'll have a consistently organized archive.

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manage your community:

You can add tags to your contacts, include them in automations, and much more! All of this can be done automatically through Google Sheets.

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Automatic Events:

Create and delete appointments automatically on your Google Calendar directly from Google Sheets or Google Forms.

Why enhance Google Sheets?

In my experience, I have noticed that many businesses use spreadsheets, from micro-enterprises to multinationals. Giving Google Sheets "superpowers" represents an intermediate step between the traditional spreadsheet and the development of a WebApp or a custom solution, which is much more expensive and difficult to integrate into an existing workflow.

Traditional Google Sheets

πŸš€ Google Sheets with superpowers

No integration possible.
Integration with Google Workspace and third-party tools.
No control over the validity of the data entered.
Data validation on par with any database.
A lot of manual work.
Everything done manually can be automated.
No integrated artificial intelligence.
Complete integration with all OpenAI tools.
Risk of losing important data.
Convenient, secure, and user-friendly HTML interfaces.

Some jobs

A management system for a network of companies.

Client: Dental practice with multiple locations across Italy.

The tool manages the entire digital workflow of the studio: from managing customer records to scheduling appointments and extends to creating quotes and invoices.

Tools: Google Sheets, Google Drive, Fatture in Cloud, Gmail, Confirmo

Administration and Invoicing

Client: Food Delivery Company

The tool is capable of gathering necessary data from different databases to generate payroll for employees, create and issue electronic invoices autonomously.

Tools: Google Sheets, Google Drive, Fatture in Cloud

Fire Safety Management

Client: A multinational pharmaceutical company

The tool manages fire safety inspections to address issues identified during inspections. It also allows for booking inspections and analyzing their progress.

Tools: Google Sheets, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Forms, Google Looker Studio

Management & Email Automation

Client: An Italian accounting firm

The tool is a management system that helps the firm handle the compliance tasks for their clients. It automates a series of email communications and gathers data based on client responses.

Tools: Google Sheets, Google Drive, Google Forms, Gmail

Evaluation of company productivity

Client: One of the leading e-commerce platforms in Italy in the pharmaceutical sector.

The tool gathers the data necessary for evaluating company productivity and is composed of several databases and an automated data entry interface built in Google Sheets.

Tools: Google Sheets, Google Drive, Firestore

Balance Sheet

Client: Agency of a well-known Italian insurance group

The tool receives data released by the insurance group, allowing for automatic balance sheet creation to track all financial activities of the agency.

Tools: Google Sheets, Google Drive

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About me

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    Automation with Google Workspace
    I'm a Google Apps Script developer, specializing in automating business processes within the Google Workspace ecosystem for over 4 years. I've had the opportunity to collaborate on projects with leading companies in their industries as well as ambitious startups. I believe in process automation as a competitive advantage and enjoy developing integrations with new tools to streamline my clients' work and guide them into the future of their businesses.
    Training projects
    I've collaborated on training projects on Google Workspace, Google Sheets, and Google Apps Script with FNMGroup, Comau, Learnn, Wibo, Raffaele Gaito, Grace The Amazing.
    I'm a co-host of the Grande Giove podcast co-produced by Wired Italy where we discuss themes of innovation, science, and technology. This opportunity has allowed me to engage with incredible individuals such as Luca Ferrari, CEO of Bending Spoons, Francesca Rossi, Global Leader for AI Ethics at IBM, and Simonetta Di Pippo, Director of the Space Economy Evolution Lab.
    In my free time, I read about free will, innovation, cultural transmission, and artificial intelligence.


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